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The learning resources here at were born out of the first cohort of the Applied ZK Learning Group by 0xPARC in December 2021. This is an evolving collection aimed to collate the best resources for someone diving into the applied ZK space. Currently, we have uploaded all the lectures from the first cohort. As future cohorts complete, we may add more videos and update old ones as the space continues to evolve.

One particular area of focus is to add materials for bringing those without a formal mathematics background up to speed. ZK theory is inherently math-heavy and the current cohorts assume a strong background in algebra, number theory, and cryptography. However, over time we hope to develop materials that can take motivated engineers from zero (math) knowledge to a solid understanding of the underlying theory.

Lastly, we have some ideas on interactive ZK learning, similar to cryptozombies for Solidity. With the development of, we hope at the very least to add some interactive exercises and possibly extend those as the tooling progresses.